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JX Product Manager nulled

JX Products Manager module was created especially for shops with the big amount of products, which have to be constantly revised.

17 helpful options for operations with products are available for you. You may make group changes of your products with a few clicks only, previously filter them according to your needs.

A great advantage is that each option has a hint – short description, which appears when you hover the needed option.

  • Information section gives the opportunity to:
    • enable/disable some products;
    • make the products available or unavailable for order;
    • show or hide the price of the products;
    • change the condition of the product;
    • add short and full description to selected products.
  • Price section controls price and tax rules settings of the products. You may not only set the special price and choose the tax rules to your products, but also display On salemark on the selected items.
  • Associations section allows changing products brand, category or accessories.
  • Quantity section allows changing the products’ quantity or increase/decrease the current quantity by a certain amount.
  • Extra page section gives the ability to add a new page.

Using Products Manager module it will be easier to filter products and make different operations on them in a matter of minutes.