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Product Options for WooCommerce v4.153 nulled

Product Options for WooCommerce v4.153 nulled

Do you need to add things like checkboxes to your products so that you can sell upgrades, sizes, extras, gift options, color choices, etc? That’s what this plugin does. And if that wasn’t not enough, you can edit the options of multiple products at the same time. You can even add options to the checkout page.

Product Options for WooCommerce plugin is also compatible with Visual Composer WooCommerce Add-On. Using Visual Composer WooCommerce Add-On, you can add options to your products using Visual Composer.

Product options are much easier, more flexible and faster to use than variable products. The product options can have prices and lots of other features including option groups which all you to add groups of options to all products, product categories or products a containing key word.

Description of Product Options

Here is a description of the options.

Radio Button Options and DropdownsAdd radio buttons or dropdowns where each possible value has a label, a price, a percentage price and a tooltip/message. You can choose whether to display the price of each possible value. Each possible value can add a specified amount to the product/order price or increase the product or order price by a specified percentage. You can show/hide other options depending on which value is selected.
Image Button OptionsAdd image buttons where one or multiple values can be selected. Each button has an image, a label, a price and a tooltip/message. You can change the product thumbnail to be the image of the selected button and whether to display the price of each image button.

Checkboxes and Multiple Select OptionsAdd checkboxes or a multiple select box where each possible value has a label, a price, a percentage price and a tooltip/message. You can choose whether to display the price of each possible value. Each possible value button can add a specified amount to the product/order price or increase the product or order price by a specified percentage. You can choose to display checkbox buttons in two columns and the minimum/maximum number of checkboxes that can be selected at the same time.
Messages and TooltipsRadio buttons, checkboxes, image buttons, select, and multiple select options allow you to choose to display a text message for the value of the option either as a tooltip or in a message box beneath the option.

Number/Number as Text/Number Slider OptionsOptions with numeric input can have minimum/maximum values and a step size (e.g. only allow multiples of 1 or 0.01). Numeric options have a percentage price multiple starting from a value so e.g. if you set a price a %200 starting from 10, a value of 11 would cost $200.
Image Upload OptionsYou can charge for uploading an image and set the image the customer sees when no image has been uploaded. You can change the product thumbnail to be the uploaded image. The uploaded images are visible from order emails (they are not stored in a private folder).

Datepicker OptionsChoose between 3 different types of datepicker (an inline datepicker, a datepicker that pops up when you click on a text input that stores the date or a datepicker that appears inline when you click on a datepicker icon). The default value for the datepicker recognizes values like today or +1 month. You can prevent the customer from selecting weekends or dates in the past {including/excluding today).
Color Picker OptionsThe color picker is a popup that lets customers choose colors.

Text and Textarea OptionsA one line text input. You can add a price for entering any text, price per character, price per upper case character, price per lower case character and price per word. You can add a maximum to the number of characters that can be entered.
Checkbox OptionsCheckboxes can have a checked price and an unchecked price. You can choose to show/hide other options when the checkbox is checked or unchecked.

Checkout/Product Option Features

These are features that all product options have.

Shop/Search/Category PagesChoose whether to add product options to pages that list products (e.g. shop pages, product search pages or product category pages).
Product Option GroupsCreate groups of options and add these to all products, selected product categories or products selected by a custom query. You add a title and draw a border around a product option group.

Product PagesDrag and drop options onto individual products.
Checkout Option GroupsAdd groups of options to different positions on checkout page.

AccordionsFlexible accordions allow you to leave one or multiple options open at a time and to choose which options are in the accordion.
Show/Hide PricesYou can show/hide the price of an option in the option title so that the customer can see the price just above the option. Options do not have to have prices.

Option TitlesAdd titles to your options.
Option LabelsAdd a label to your option to explain what the option is.

Label After/UnitsAdd a label after your option which can be used to add units to number options or to put the label after a checkbox option.
Default ValuesYou can choose whether to add default values to an option.

Required OptionsOptions can be required so that the customer must enter a value or check a box to add a product to the cart or submit an order.
Shipping InformationEdit the weight, length, width and height of checkboxes, dropdowns and image options. The weight of the product is calculated by adding up the weights of the options and the size of the product is the size of the largest option.

Why Buy Product Options for WooCommerce?
This plugin’s uses include:

  • Checkout Option Groups Add options to the checkout page. The customer could add information about the order like delivery information with these options.
  • Product Option Groups Add options quickly to all your products/product categories/products by search query and group the options in a box. Product option groups can also be accordioned.
  • Add Number/Number Slider/Datepicker/Image Upload/Color Picker/Checkbox/Checkboxes Options Product Options for WooCommerce can be used to add options that are not possible with WooCommerce.
  • Add Unlimited Number of Options Easily Prices are added by attribute rather than by variation so this plugin makes it easy to add an unlimited number of attributes to a product. You can accordion the options so that they can all be seen at once.
  • Display the “Add to Cart” button when the Product Page loads WooCommerce does not display the “add to cart” button until all the product attributes have been chosen. This plugin allows you to get around that.
  • Option Display This plugin allows you to add titles, labels before and labels after the options. You can choose to show or hide the prices.
  • Multiple Selection This plugin allows multiple attributes to be selected at the same time.
  • Required Fields Choose whether an option is required or not.
  • Options on Shop/Category/Search PagesThis plugin allows the customer to choose their options on the pages that list products.
  • Messages on Option Selection As you can see from the demo, Product Options for WooCommerce allows you to display long messages when a checkbox/image/radio/dropdown option is selected.


This plugin is compatible with most popular themes.

This plugin is also compatible with many popular WooCommerce plugins including WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping, Visual Composer WooCommerce Add-On and WooCommerce Currency Switcher.


  • Add options to products
  • Add prices to options
  • Allow multiple attributes to be selected in the same option
  • Easy to Use
  • Drag & Drop
  • Use with or without prices
  • Show/hide prices
  • Compatible with variable products
  • Lots of Option Types:
    • Single or Multiple Select Image Options
    • Image Upload
    • Radio Options
    • Checkboxes
    • Text
    • Text Area
    • Number Slider
    • Number with Buttons
    • Number as Text
    • Color picker
    • Single or Multiple Select Dropdowns
    • Datepicker/Calendar
    • Checkbox
  • Product Options have
    • titles
    • labels before the option
    • labels after the option
    • appear before or after the “add to cart” button
    • be accordioned
    • be required or not required
    • appear on search, shop and product category page
    • are saved in cookies so that when a customer returns to a page they can see the options they selected. The options can be reset after adding a product to the cart.
  • Checkout Option Groups:
    • Add checkout options on the checkout page.
    • Accordion groups of options
    • Display a box around option groups
  • Product Option Groups:
    • Adding options in groups makes editing your product option fast by adding the groups to:
      • all your products
      • products in different categories
      • or products that match a search query
    • Accordion groups of options
    • Display a box around option groups
  • Options chosen are visible in the cart, checkout, order confirmation and order pages.


Product Options for WooCommerce is an easy-to-use plugin for adding options to products and the checkout page.

Product Options for WooCommerce uses drag-and-drop to create image uploads, datepickers/calendars, number inputs, number sliders, dropdowns, radio buttons, color pickers and image options to your products and the checkout page.

You can use the options with or without option prices. If you add prices to your options, then you can choose whether or not to display the prices.

Example Uses of Plugin

Here are just a few of the ways this versatile plugin can be used:

  • Sell events and tickets using this plugin to add options like seat, date, booking fees, etc
  • Membership options when used with a compatible subscription plugin
  • Add extra delivery/shipping options and costs to orders
  • Brand options
  • Checkout fields
  • Dropshipping options
  • Delivery times and dates
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Custom product designing
  • Hotel booking
  • Bulk editing of product options
  • Add gift wrap options to products (with costs) as shown in the demo
  • Add image choices to printable products (with or without prices)
  • Add text to cards (with the possibility of charging per character + per upper case character + per lower case character + per word)
  • Add discounts to products and orders depending on customer options (option prices can be negative)
  • Confirm site terms and conditions on completing orders (a free checkbox option)
  • Charge less for bulk/wholesale orders (bundle rates)
  • Add extra charges/fees to orders
  • Add extra charges/fees to products

Visual Composer

If you would like to edit products and product options using Visual Composer, you should also buy Visual Composer WooCommerce Add-On.