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WooCommerce ACH Stripe Gateway v1.2.1 nulled

Customers can now pay directly using their Bank account using Stripe ACH Gateway!

Try it yourself

  • Woocommerce Stripe ACH Gateway Live Demo
  • Woocommerce Stripe ACH Gateway Documentation
  • Stripe ACH documentation

Important Notes

1. Your Stripe account should have the latest API Version.

2. Due to a complex nature of ACH payments we offer free installation and consultation to all customers who purchased our plugin. Just send me an email to askarru@gmail.com or send a comment.

Video Overview

Features Overview

  • Allows payment with bank account number and routing number. (No credit card required!)
  • Verifies account with micro-deposits
  • Works along with official stripe woocommerce integration
  • Easy installation
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Friendly Support
  • Plaid integration. Plaid will allow users to pay by logging using their bank username and password
  • Auto refunds via ACH Stripe and Plaid
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions support!

Processing orders and the money transfer

ACH has its own advantages and disadvantages. The main minus is that money will be transferred to your account not immediately. Shortly, a few days should pass to change the payment status from ‘Pending’ to ‘Succeeded’. Read more here.

So, the most part of popular payment gateways has no such a problem. Hence, we’ve got a dilemma: change an order status to “Processing” in advance considering that the money will be transferred in a few days or wait until the money will be received and then change an order status.

To solve this we have an option in Admin panel.

Change Log

== 1.2.0 ==
Surrounding with try/catch

== 1.1.9 ==
Filtering ‘Pay for order’ link for ACH midcrodeps.
Note in admin.
jQuery post request fix.
Emailing fix.

== 1.1.8 ==
Stripe compatibility.

== 1.1.7 ==
Handling empty orders via REST.
Delayed payment for subscription.
Pay now page – removed redirect for subscription.
Plaid 3 payment modes.
== 1.1.6 ==
‘Empty source’ error on Plaid
The same bank account from Plaid and Stripe

== 1.1.5 ==
Better refunding
Multiple customer’s bank accounts handling
Pay for order page instructions

== 1.1.4 ==
WooCommerce Subscriptions compatibility
Automatically changing order statuses via REST API
Only one gateway on the invoice page
Handling when to change the order status
Deeper Stripe API integration
== 1.1.3 ==
WooCommerce Subscriptions support.

== 1.1.2 ==
Set API ver by default.

== 1.1.1 ==
New email template.
WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility.

== 1.1.0 ==
Direct payments for invoices.

== 1.0.9 ==
WooCommerce 3 compatibility.

== 1.0.8 ==
Admin notice.

== 1.0.7 ==
Get all customers, no limit.

== 1.0.6 ==
Verification via microdeposits.

== 1.0.5 ==
Different customers for one WP account in test and live modes

== 1.0.4 ==
Empty currency parameter while creating a customer

== 1.0.3 ==
WooCommerce Subscriptions
WooCommerce Deposits

== 1.0.2 ==
Auto Refund integration

== 1.0.1 ==
Removed Stripe Custromer check
Plaid integration

== 1.0.0 ==
Initial Release