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WooCommerce Custom Product Designer v4.2.1 nulled

WooCommerce Custom Product Designer v4.2.1 nulled

WooCommerce Custom Product Designer – Complete business solution for selling custom printing products



Version 4.2.0 (18 April 2017)


  • Supported WooCommerce 3.0.x
  • Allow change color of photo
  • Quick install with automatic setup and import product demo.
  • Update new google fonts (800+ fonts)
  • Add “Knowledge Base” on customers website (quick support)

  • Install addon
  • Active layout default not works on some server
  • Active and load design of store
  • Download design of store
  • Fix bugs of quick edit
  • Can’t add cart, save design when image product missing
  • Missing thumb views front, back on mobile
  • Cut images of clipart on mobile
  • Issues when save design idea
  • Can’t click button product info and size
  • Version 4.1.4 (22 February 2017)


  • Create new layout. Read More
  • Allow add new design and customize style of layout. Read More
  • Allow setup layout on each product.
  • Allow setup size with width, height of box design (old version fixed 500×500px)
  • Config DIP of file upload, check DPI when customers upload and display warning
  • Sort categories of clipart Read More
  • One click to add clipart
  • Add option show or hide terms of upload
  • Automatic add photo to design when uploaded

  • Price display in design tool when Woocommerce use decimal separator is ’,’
  • Variations values not working when edit design from page cart
  • Bugs of quick edit
  • Clipart store
  • Version 4.1.3 [14 November 2016]


  • Add quick edit in page product detail. This page allow client easy change text, photo. Read More
  • Change images when change colors in page product detail.
  • Change design idea in page product detail.
  • Added page design template of store. This page allow client choose product, design idea. Read More
  • Allow create design idea in admin page. Read More
  • Added fields of design. Read More
  • Automatic update mini cart after click button buy now

  • Price of product variation
  • Open file output on sofware AI, CorelDRAW
  • Save design template
  • Allow add category of product design
  • Version 4.1.1 [12 September 2016]

    Fixed Bugs

  • Blank page when open T-Shirt eCommerce in admin page
  • Create and Save design template
  • Layout on mobile and PC
  • Search design idea
  • SSL
  • Not working on EDGE 14
  • Price wrong when change product
  • Resize product image on mobile
  • Color of product is not change when preview design ideas
  • Version 4.1.0 [02 September 2016]


  • Cliparts Store with 10000+ Cliparts
  • Design Template:, allow client choose list design template in design tool
  • Smart data with store
  • New mobile layout
  • Change admin system, help client easy and fast to add product
  • Auto save design of client and load design when client come back
  • Group item design and allow move, resize…
  • Add Introduction of design tool
  • Allow show, hide button ‘add to cart’ on page product detail
  • Fixed Bugs

  • Download file PDF, PNG on chrome
  • Add minimum quantity after change product.
  • Add permission view page download design from admin
  • Show product design template when using shortcode
  • Notify update on admin wrong
  • Publish, Unpublish font from admin
  • Upload font file
  • Add function allow download element design
  • Show clipart on parent categories
  • Change Qrcode google api to Qrcode library offline
  • Enter many line on text box of design tool
  • Auto create many file svg when reload page download
  • Hide list product colors from product options
  • Fix create new product design when edit product from cart
  • Add to cart on IE11
  • Text clipped when preview
  • Image clipped when move on safari
  • Change color of clipart when copy item
  • Text item broken of EDGE
  • Rotate item change position when start move
  • Size of item wrong when add item in zoom mode
  • Version 4.0.0 [30-03-2016]

    – Login, save design with user of WordPress
    – Theme system of design tool and allow change layout in admin page
    – Change layout of design tool
    – Allow add printing type and setup price with text, color, size, fixed…
    – Allow edit design in page cart, order and re-order
    – Change “Buy Now” to “Add to cart”
    – Show info of client and email order
    – Support client download file design
    – Show product colors, list attribute in page product detail
    – Sort color of product design in admin page
    – Allow setup loading when load page design
    – Show price detail with each item
    – View detail of price printing

    Fixed Bugs
    – Download file PDF, PNG with 300PDI
    – Size of file output same file size config of area design
    – Server not support cgi.fix_pathinfo
    – Server not support file_get_contents
    – And more bugs…

    Version 3.1.0 [29-06-2015]
    – Added: View detail of order
    – Added: Ouput with PNG
    – Added: Auto create page and shortcode
    – Fixed: Works SSL

    Version 3.0.2 [05-06-2015]

    – Fixed: Share facebook
    – Fixed: Install blank page
    – Fixed: Setting upload max size
    – Added: Add to cart with big file

    Version 3.0.1 [03-06-2015]

    – Fixed bug of size area and change price
    – And more small bugs.

    Version 3.0.0 [27-05-2015]

    – Fixed: Share design
    – Added: Helper tool
    – Added: Area print with A6-A0
    – Added: layout of mobile
    – …

    Version 2.0.1 [15-04-2015]

    – Added: Change product and price
    – Fixed: Choose product in designer

    Version 2.0.0 [12-04-2015]

    – Fixed: Save design
    – Fixed: Share design
    – Added: Function design idea
    – Added: Choose product in designer
    – Added: Auto import
    – Added: Auto update (once click to update)