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This system enables you with a whole lot of Features listed as:

GiftCard Product Setting:
GiftCard Product

A separate giftcard type product is created in woocommerce and merchant can create as many of product as he wants.

Price Variation
There are many type of pricing system for giftcard product as given below :

  • Fixed Price
  • Selected Price
  • Range Price
  • User Price

Email Template

We are provided 16 default templates for Giftcard and merchant can create many templates easily. The templates are assigned to giftcard product and when product is purchased then that templates is used in giftcard email.

Exclude Categories

The merchant can exclude categories to which he doesn’t want giftcard discount. When any excluded category product is available on cart then giftcard discount is not applied.

Exclude Product

The merchant can also exclude selected product from giftcard discount. When any excluded product is available on cart then giftcard discount is not applied.

Front End Date Formatting

Merchant can set the date format they want to display in the frontend. The expiry date in the Gift Card Template will be in this date format if this setting is enabled from the backend.

Tax Handling

Merchant can enable/disable tax for giftcard product by default no tax is applied to giftcard product.

GiftCard Coupon Generation:

Gift Card Products

From now onwards Merchant would be able to import all products in bulk, this will help them to import their products along with their own custom code which they have to provide in custom CSV format.

Import Gift Coupons

In this feature merchant would be able to import gift coupons in bulk, and then when any product will get purchased the imported coupon will get assigned as a Gift Card along with the purchased amount.

Offline Gift Card

This feature will help you to import your own custom coupons in bulk for offline users at once.

Manual custom code in offline Gift Card

Now Merchant can also insert their own custom coupon code which will get generated on purchasing of offline Gift Card. They may leave blank if they want to use system generated one.

Export Coupon Details

The Gift Card Coupon Details which are generated from the orders can be exported in the csv format. Coupon details will contains the sender email id, receiver email id, gift card message, coupon usage count and coupon amount left.

Multiple Usability

The user can spend whole Giftcard amount in multiple times.

Individual Use

Merchant can set whether gift card coupon is used by a single user or multiple users.

Expiry Date

Merchant can set after how many days when giftcard product is purchased and order completed then that giftcard coupon is expired.

Allow Sale Items

Merchant can allow/disallow sales item from applying giftcard discount amount.

Dynamic Coupon Length

Merchant can set the Giftcard coupon length from setting. The default length of Giftcard coupon is 5.

Import/Export Offline Gift Card Coupon Details

Admin can export the offline gift card coupons details from Export Coupon Tab section. You can also import the Gift Card coupon details into the offline gift card table.

QRCode/BARCode Feature

This feature to use over here for providing the security.

The ECC level is use for dirt, damage or fuzziness of the barcode. Valid values are “L” (low ECC), “M”, “Q”, “H” (highest ECC). A high ECC level adds more redundancy at the cost of using more space.

Cart Total Range

Merchant can set minimum and maximum cart total amount for applying the giftcard discount.

Introducing new Gift Card Template

We have added 15 Special Gift Card email templates. You can create a gift card product and assign suitable Gift Card Templates from product edit page.

Email Notification

A giftcard template is sent to user to which giftcard is sent. Giftcard email template depends on the gift product.

Resend Email

If due to some reason giftcard mail is not send to user then an option to resend giftcard email is available to resend that mail to user to which mail is send.

Resend Gift Card by adding more amount

Admin can resend the unused Gift Card Coupons to the recipients by adding more amount to the coupon from the order detail section.

Gift Card Scheduling

When this setting is enabled, the customers can select the date they wanted the gift card to be sent to the recipients. Customers can also send the scheduled Gift Card on the current day through the order details section.

Gift Card Message Length

Merchant can set the Giftcard message length from setting. Default length of Giftcard message is 300. Along with this we have provided the customers to check the current count of the message characters.

PDF Feature

Admin can enable/disable this setting from backend. After enabling this setting customer will get an email along with PDF attachment.

You can choose A3/A4 size for PDF.

Order Management

When giftcard product is purchased separately then after successful payment order become completed and Giftcard email is send to receiver. If giftcard product is purchased with other product then when order goes to processing then Giftcard email is send to receiver.

BCC Setting

Admin can enable the BCC feature for giftcard mails. BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) In this setting buyer will also get a copy of recipient’s Gift Card mail.

Send Today Button Setting

Now Admin can disable the Send Today Button at front end.

Coupon Mail Setting

In Coupon, Mail Setting User will get notify by each usage of coupon and now user can also check their coupon amount.


Bonus Feature:
Offline Giftcard

Merchant can create giftcard from dashboard for a user request and send that giftcard to receiver on behalf of sender.

Browse Image Feature

Customer can also set their gift card image.

Disable Category Feature

Now Admin can assign more than one category to the Giftcard product.

Update Notice

From this version 2.0.0, we have change the layout and settings of the plugin. So if you have enabled Downloadable or Shipping feature then you have to go to Delivery option tab and choose options and save these settings once more.

Preview Button Setting

Now Admin can disable the Preview Button at front end.

Disable Coupon for GiftCard Products

In this setting Admin can disable Coupon fields from cart page if only Gift Card Products are their.

Discount Feature

In this feature admin can set the minimum-maximum amount for discounts. We provide the Two types of discount Fixed and Percentage.

Any Giftcard price lies on given “min-max” criteria only then the discount will be applied.

Admin can enable discount setting per product wise.

Exclude Product Feature

When some products are assigned to any giftcard (Per product setting), then the coupon which will be generated through that product would not be applied on assigned products as well as category.

Shipping Class Feature

In this feature you can add a shipping class and apply it to gift card products.

Rewarding the Customer

For the trusted customer’s option is available for shop manager to provide the special coupon.

Purchasing Option:

In this setting not only Admin but also Buyer can choose the delivery options by which they can send the Giftcard Products to their loved once.

Downloadable Feature

We have added a new downloadable feature for gift card. Buyer can download the gift card and send it to buyer or receiver and Buyer can also download the gift card.

Shipping On Gift Card

When any user wants to ship his/her card to their loved ones only that will be the case for applying the shipping charges too, otherwise in other delivery methods “No Shipping” fee will be added to the Gift Card Product.

Giftcard Coupon now applied on cart total amount.

For Developer’s

Developers can add their own custom templates by using custom post type ‘giftcard’. They can add the html in the template editor, and if they need to add the css then they can add it in ‘mwb_css_field’ post meta key to their corresponding template id.

We are providing “mwb_wgm_custom_coupon” hook for developers so that they can overwrite giftcard coupon code to their pre-existing coupon code.

Available Shortcode

Merchant can list giftcard product anywhere on his side using shortcode:

echo do_shortcode(“[product_category category=’gift-card’ per_page=’4’]”);

echo do_shortcode(“[products ids=’131,104’]”);

Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 4.0 or greater.
  • WooCommerce 2.6.0 or greater.
  • PHP version 5.5.6 or greater.
  • PHP GD Library.
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater.

Translation Ready

.po and .mo files included, for easy translation

Live Demo

Visit a demo to experience the powerful features of Plugin and explore.

Frontend demo Click here

Backend demo Click here

Q. How to setup this plugin?

A. Please reach the WooCommerce menu -> Gift Card Manager Settings. Please check the Checkbox, to activate the plugin and add the new Gift Card Product is Enable or not.

Q. How to add Gift Card Product?

A. Add a new WooCommerce Product, change the product type to the Gift Card Product, enter the default price and select the pricing type. After entering the price of selected pricing type you may need to Publish the product. That’s it your WooCoomerce Gift Card Product is ready.

Q. Where do I change Gift Card Subject of the recipient?

A. Please go to Gift Card Manager Setting page and select the Email Template Tab Section. At the bottom you can see the mail setting toggle bar. There you may change the Gift Card Subject to the recipient.

Q. From where i can modify the email template?

A. We have provided a custom post type Gift Cards under the dashboard where we have provided 16 custom templates. You can use them or even add your own template.

Q. Is Shipping Charges applicable on Gift Card?

A. If any Giftcard Product is purchased through a Shipping method (one of the Delivery Methods) only then the shipping charges would be applied.
Only admin will receive the gift card mail so that he can ship it to the customer.

If you are not getting the latest version after the download then we request you to please contact us over support desk our team will assist you.
As we are in discussion with the envato regarding this issue.

To direct contact at our Support Desk please Click Here

Thank-you for your interest in WooCommerce Ultimate Giftcard, Makewebbetter.


29.11.2017 – ver 2.3.1
– Fix : minor fixes

23.11.2017 – ver 2.3.0
– New : Import Coupons.
– New : Import Giftcard Products.
– New : Import Offline Giftcard Coupons.
– New : Manual Custom code added in Offline Giftcards.
– New : Show/hide thumbnail image option in Single product page.
– New : Show/hide Giftcard Notice.
– New : Show/hide “Apply Coupon” field on Checkout Page if only Giftcards are there.
– New : Show/hide delivery method’s text boxes on click event.
– Tweak : Changes in the way of displaying the Select Price.
– Fix : Manual Increment usage for Woo version 2.6.14.
– Fix : Designing issues for some themes at single page.

29.10.2017 – ver 2.2.4
– New : Compatible with woocommerce 3.2.x
– New : Added Tax setting for each Gift Product

14.10.2017 – ver 2.2.3
– New : Diwali Template
– New : Manual Increment Usage of Gift Coupons

05.10.2017 – ver 2.2.2
– Fix : Mail issue in Woo version 2.1.4
– Fix : Price Type change event

05.09.2017 – ver 2.2.1
– New : A3/A4 size for PDF
– Fix : Meta Keys Translation issue
– Fix : Rounding Off for Order Total issue
– Fix : Percent Coupon for Shipping and Taxes issue

26.08.2017 – ver 2.2.0
– New : Customer can choose template.
– New : Validations are optional at single product page.
– New : “To Name” field for “Mail to recipient” option.
– New : Thank You Gift Coupon Order Feature.
– Fix : QRCode/BARCode image issue.
– Fix : QRCode class exist issue.

10.08.2017 – ver 2.1.4

– Fix : Flatsome theme add to cart button issue
– Fix : Displaying Price with Tax in cart page

05.08.2017 – ver 2.1.3

– Fix : Admin Backend URL issue
– Fix : Import Template Button Issue

04.08.2017 – ver 2.1.2

– New : New Template added for Raksha Bandhan.

26.07.2017 – ver 2.1.1

– New : Enable Shipping Tab at Product Edit Page.
– Fix : Remove cod when cart have different products.
– Fix : Ajax add to cart validation.

07.07.2017 – ver 2.1.0

– New : Discount Feature.
– New : PDF Feature for customer.
– New : Exclude Product Feature.

16.06.2017 – ver 2.0.0

– New : Now Buyer can also choose the Delivery Method for delivering the GifCard.
– New : Comes with 4 new templates (Anniversary, Birthday, Eid, New Year).
– New : Add Bcc option for Buyer also.
– New : Add disable settings for SEND TODAY button at front end.
– New : Add disable settings for Coupon fields at Cart page, when there is only gift card products are there.
– New : Add disable settings for Preview button at front end.
– Fix : Cart price issue.

29.05.2017 – ver 1.2.1

– New: Now User will get notify by each usage of coupon amount
– New: Now Admin can assign more than one category to the Giftcard product.
– New: Round off the coupon amount to 2 decimal places
– Fix: Mini cart subtotal issue

25.05.2017 – ver 1.2.0

– New: QRCode/BARCode feature
– New: Shipping feature
– Fix: Mini cart price issue fixed

22.05.2017 – ver 1.1.7

– New: Browse image feature

10.05.2017 – ver 1.1.6

– New: Downloadable feature
– New: Add name field

05.05.2017 – ver 1.1.5

– New: Made Compatible with new QR code addon
– Fix: Uploading image issue
– Fix: WooCommerce latest version compatibility issues
– Fix: Mail functionality compatibility issue

19.04.2017 – ver 1.1.4

– Fix: Coupon issue in old woocommerce versions

13.04.2017 – ver 1.1.3

– New: Introducing 9 new templates
– New: Added dd/mm/yyyy date format for templates
– Fix: Latest woocommerce compatibilities issues
– Fix: Scheduling not working in latest version
– Fix: Resend mail not working in latest version

07.04.2017 – ver 1.1.2

– New: Compatible with the New Version Of WooCommerce (Version 3.0.0)
– Fix: Cash on Delivery and Payment By Cheque Option removed on purchase of gift card.
– Fix: Default Price is Selected by default in Price Range, Selected Price And Users Price.

09.03.2017 – ver 1.1.1
– Fixed: Fixed generating of coupon twice issue.

21.02.2017 – ver 1.1.0
– New: Automatic send gift card on certain date.
– New: Customer can send the scheduled gift card on the current day.
– New: Resend gift card by adding more amount to the coupon.
– New: Offline Gift Card Scheduling
– New: Import Offline Gift Card Details to the Offline Gift Card Table.
– New: Setting for Date formatting on gift cards.
– New: Giftcard Message Length setting on backend, customer can view the message count.
– New: Admin can add buyer email address in the Gift Card Subject
– Fix: Coupon code- number of x on front end.
– Fix: Expiry date on front end template will now be accurate.
– Fix: Message overflow issue, made responsive now.

06.02.2017 – ver 1.0.6
– Fixed : Fixed Responsiveness issue of Valentine’s Day Special Templates.

04.02.2017 – ver 1.0.5
– New : Added two new Valentine’s Day Special Gift Card Templates
– New : Featured Image and Custom CSS metabox for each template
– New : Added Preview button for each template
– Fixed : Email Validation of To and From Fields
– Fixed : Fixed Gift Card product fields not dispalying on single page

27.01.2017 – ver 1.0.4
– New : Export Coupon Details from orders
– New : Export Coupon Details from offline gift card
– Fixed : Tax applicable on product will now also be removed from Coupon Amount
– Fixed : Removed Gift Card product selection when Gift Card is diabled
– Fixed : Fixed notices and warnings

17.01.2017 – ver 1.0.3
– New : Dynamic Giftcard Coupon Length
– New : Compatible with ajax add to cart on product page
– Fixed : Giftcard popup issue with slashes message
– Fixed : Solve issue with Product Tabs
– Fixed : Update only giftcard coupon

10.01.2017 – ver 1.0.2
– New : Offline Giftcard
– New : Inventory Management on Giftcard
– Fixed : Solve issue with Category product
– Fixed : Solve conflict with Variation Product

21.12.2016 – ver 1.0.1

– New : Order Management
– New : Disable Shipping fee for giftcard product
– New : Create a setting for resize the logo size
– New : Create a setting for add custom css for giftcard email template
– New : Create a setting for enable/disable tax
– Fixed : Issue with email popup
– Fixed : Issue with message with slashes

14.12.2016 – ver 1.0.0
– Initial Release