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WooImporter v2.7.8 nulled

WooImporter v2.7.8 nulled

Last Changes

WooImporter Core Version 2.7.8:
*Added: store images locally in the description of products
*Added: option to import extended attributes (global)
*Added: option “Download image from description”
*Added: product title is used in the title and alt attributes of images in the description of products
*Fixed: price formula for all modules
*Fixed: not available product status
*Fixed: update prices and stock
*Updated: no reset settings after deactivate
*Fixed: minor bugs

Amazon module 1.1.28:
*Fixed: minor bugs

Changelog for add-ons (!!note: add-ons aren’t included to the main plugin!!):

Amazon Variations WooImporter 1.0.4:
*Fixed: minor bugs

Amazon WooImporter

It is a plugin that used to import products from Amazon to your WordPress WooCommerce site. The plugin is helpful to create a store with specific products and use affiliate URLs.

You can easily import products from Amazon. Once uploading process is completed, uploaded items will appear as products in WooCoommere table.

WooImporter plugin is based on the official providers APIs.

Live Previews

Frontend Preview – displaying of products in WooCommerce. You can change the view as you want if edit WooCommerce template files.
Backend Preview – plugin backend

Full features list

  • Search Amazon for the product by Product ID
  • Search Amazon products by different filters: keywords, category, price range, condition, site.
  • Split search results into pages to simplify data review.
  • Sort search results by different fields.
  • Participiate in the Amazon Affiliate program by adding your API key.
  • Auto-generate your affiliate links by switching default product type to “External/Affiliate Product”.
  • Find links to Amazon product and seller pages on the WooCommerce Orders page in the WordPress backend.
  • Use the Price rules to set own rules to add your markup/margin to product price.
  • Possibility to display regular and sale prices of the product.
  • Auto-update system to check product price/stock-availability by schedule and seperatly.
  • Manual update of particular products price/stock-availability.
  • Bulk posting of found products from the search result page into WooCommerce.
  • Scheduled posting of found products if necessary.
  • Quick-edit product feature for each found item.
  • Auto-convert currency feature by using the currency conversion factor.
  • Ability to delete links and images from the product description while the posting (automatically)
  • Set own product statuses on posting and out-of-stock event.
  • Save free space on your server to limit count loaded images for products by using import product images limit
  • Ability to extend WooImporter plugin with addons for the other providers such as Ebay, Aliexpress, Walmart and Envato. You can buy the addons at the Codecanyon if necessary (check our portfolio for the addons please).

Look at the main features

Common Settings

To configure the plugin you can use several settings:

  • Currency conversion factor If your store has currency that differs from us dollar then you need specify the conversion factor right here. The price will be multiplied by its value.
  • Default Product Type
    This is WooCommerce setting. By default WooCommerce assign simple product type for each product that has been imported from some provider (eBay, Aliexpress and etc.).
    If you want to transfer user on the provider website, once he clicks on buy button on the WooCommerce product page, then just set the setting to External/Affiliate Product . Also you need get your own API Key and use it in the WooImporter to generate affiliate links.
  • Default Product Status Set the default product status for importing into WooCommerce.
  • Remove links from description Remove links from description of imported products.
  • Remove images from description Remove images from description of imported products.
  • Import product images limit Limit import images into product gallery WooCommerce for each product.
  • Default product quantity Set this to generate a random stock quantity for a product within a range.
  • Auto Update (stock avail. only) Use this to check the stock availability automatically by schedule for all products or manually for particular products.
  • Auto Update Price Use this to check the price automatically by schedule for all products or manually for particular products.
  • Not available product status If a source product becomes unavailable, then the product at your stock will go to trash, change its status to “out of stock” or keep “in stock”.
  • Update Schedule Set the schedule for auto-update stock availability and price.
  • The number of products update per scheduleSet the number of products you want to update per schedule.
  • Amazon Settings

  • Account setting You need to setup API Keys to work with platforms, or you can use our prepared key that initially set in the Setting.
  • Default Site You can choose different platforms of Amazon in other countries for import products.
  • Search filters

    You can looking for specific product using ProductId field. Also there are several search filters for each platform: keywords, category, price range, condition, site

    Importing products

    You can easily import products into WooCommerce using our built-in API key or use your own keys.

    Update Price and Stock Availability

    • Auto Update Price and Stock Availability:
    • Manual update of particular products Price and Stock Availability:
    • Status Update Price and Stock Availability:

    Price Rules Settings

    • Add new price rules to calculate product price with your margin (markup). You can set several price rules if needed.
    • Your rule can be used just for specific module (provider) or for any provider. The same for the categories.
    • If you set a percent range then your product will have the regular price and the sale price with your margin. The regular price will be calculated regards with a random percent from the range you added.
    • If you omit percent values, then your product will have just the regular price with your margin.
    • Also the percent cant be changed after your product has been already imported.
      If you don’t add rules, then your product will have the same prices as source page has.

    Sort results by fields

    The plugin lets you to sort imported products by different fields.

    Edit product functions

    You can edit the product data before placing it into WooCommerce.
    Notice: For editing of some data you need to press the button Load more details

    Schedule Post

    You can post products at a scheduled time.

    Choose a product category

    You can choose some existing WooCommerce category to load products into it directly. if you don`t specify this field, then original category will be used.

    Keeping the product/seller URLs

    • WooCommerces -> Orders:
    • Products -> Edit Product:


    You can install add-ons/extensions to add new features to WooImporter

    How to install and update the plugin?

    Installing of Envato WooCommerce Importer is very simple. Technically, the plugin Installation on your blog can be done in two ways:

    • Dashboard method (upload and install)
    • FTP

    In FTP method, you upload the plugin`s zip using an FTP software such as FileZilla, and activate and configure it. Whereas, in dashboard method, you upload, install and activate the plugin.

    1. Install Plugin from WordPress Dashboard
    Login to your blog dashboard and click on Plugins >Add new . There is an option to upload. Click on it and upload the plugin`s zip.

    2. FTP method to Install the Plugin:
    Unzip the plugin`s zip and upload it to your WordPress plugin upload folder using FTP software. Normally, the folder is located under …/wp-content/plugins . Once you are done uploading the file in unzipped format, you can simply go to WordPress plugins folder under WP dashboard and activate the plugin.

    Installing Extensions

    If you have already installed some our importer plugin (eBay & Aliexpress, Walmart, Amazon, Envato WooCommerce Importer), then make sure to make the actions:

    1. Unpack the archive WooImporter.zip

    2. Replace the WooImporter folder on your server with the same folder from the plugin archive root. The includes folder on your server you can find using the path like …/wp-content/plugins/WooImporter .

    3. Reactivate plugin.


    WooImporter Core Version 2.6.2:
    *Fixed: many minor bugs

    Amazon module 1.1.26:
    *Fixed: minor bugs

    Changelog for add-ons (!!note: add-ons aren’t included to the main plugin!!):

    Amazon Variations WooImporter 1.0.3:
    *Fixed: minor bugs


    WooImporter Core Version 2.5.1:
    *Improved: security core
    *Added: WPML support for Aliexpress, eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Envato
    *Fixed: many minor bugs

    Amazon module 1.25:
    *Fixed: filter search
    *Fixed: get price from Amazon
    *Added: import products without description
    *Added: Default conditions of products (new, used and etc.)
    *Improved: get stock in Amazon

    Changelog for add-ons (!!note: add-ons aren’t included to the main plugin!!):

    Amazon Variations WooImporter 1.0.3:
    *Fixed: minor bugs

    CSV WooImporter 1.0.14:
    *Updated: import from Aliexpress, Amazon, Ebay


    Core Version 2.4.4

    *Improved WooImporter Order lists page (added Wooimporter Info)
    *Added supporting WooImporter Amazon Variations
    *Fixed Amazon sitecode bug fix
    *Fixed Amazon loader warnings
    *Fixed a lot of minor bugs


    Core version 2.3.8
    Amazon version 1.10

    *CORE UPDATE. Added min and max default product quantity. Random value is generated from this range. http://prntscr.com/bzbzm6
    *CORE FIX. Fixed minor bugs with the Price Rules feature.
    *CORE FIX. Fixed and extend WooImporter info popup. Added link to product page and seller page, now popup css is crossbrowser. http://prntscr.com/bzc348
    *CORE UPDATE. Added internal log to record possible errors.
    *Amazon. Fixed Amazon price bug.


    Core version 2.3.2
    Amazon version 1.9

    *CORE UPDATE. Price rules feature has been extended http://prntscr.com/br9wvf.
    *CORE UPDATE. Chosen price percent is kept in the database.


    Core version 2.2.5
    Amazon version 1.8

    *Bug. “Default categories not imported” bug has been fixed
    *Core New. Add new setting “product per schedule”. It determines how much product should be updated per time (for price auto-update feature)
    *Core Bug. Fix product auto-update price bug.
    *Core New. New setting “Import product images limit” has been added to the Settings. It determines how much images should be loaded from source product gallery.
    *Core Bug. Product auto-update price bug has been fixed.
    *Other minor changes and improvements.


    Version 1.0.1
    *Initial release

    About us

    Geometrix Digital Agency specializes in WordPress plugins creation.
    Company page: gmetrixteam.com
    Plugin page: Envato WooCommerce Importer

    Our fields in details:

    • Create WordPress plugins
    • Configure mobile apps to work with WordPress (REST API SERVICE)
    • Make integration with 3rd-party platforms like Ebay, Aliexpress, Amazon, etc.
    • Connect social network APIs (FB, twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).